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The Miletić family

The Miletić family are Damir, Đurđica, Vedran, Mladen, and Lepi Mačak, as well as adopted members Leon and Maj.

Ancestry of the Miletić family

According to one of the legends, the details about the ancestry and doings of the Miletić family have been written in a large collection of the ancient scrolls. During the dark ages, the inqusition felt threatened by everybody who disobeyed them and burned all of the writings about heroic achivements of "the unholy". Since the Miletić family had won many monumental battles and therefore had numerous heroic achivements, they were one of "the unholy" according to the inquisition and the scrolls were burned. Long after the dark ages, these ancient scrolls have been thought of as lost. For centuries, people believed that the stories originating from the scrolls have been only remembered in fragments, if not at all forgotten.

Red Augmented Proton Metamaterial (APM) ShieldRed APM Seal.

APM stands for Augmented Proton Metamaterial, an advanced technology for production of hightly durable shields.

Black Augmented Proton Metamaterial (APM) ShieldBlack APM Seal.

These shields have been used by the Miletić family to defend themselve in the epic battles they fought to vanquish evil.

Since the dawn of their time, the Miletić family has sworn to protect the innocent and vanquish evil. Their vow is not unlike the vow of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole, who have actually helped the Miletić family on more than one occasion.

However, a group of brave priests not belonging to the inquisition and living in a temple in the old city of Temaz saved copies of these ancient scrolls before the inquisition found and burned them. It is believed that the priests have been keeping these scrolls through the generations, and continue to keep them even today. The heroic achivements of the Miletić family, read from the scrolls and publically known at this point in time, include founding of the Zametian Union and preservation of the Zametian language heritage through the centuries of wars, destructions, and all other initiatives carried out to in the attempts to destroy Zamet, end the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the Zametian Union, and enslave the Miletić family. And yet, both the Zametian Union and the Miletić family have persisted and are stronger than ever before.

The Miletić residence

The Miletić family residence

Our 100 billion euro residence, because we can. Vedran claims we could have bought AMD with just a fraction of that money, but Lepi Mačak decided against it because their CPUs, GPUs, and APUs do not purr.

The Miletić family coat of arms

The Miletić family coat of arms

Because we love cake and because, for us, it is not a lie. We would defeat GLaDOS if she tried to take over Zamet. Good for her that she did not try to do it, so far.

Wealth of the Miletić family

We are very rich. A rich man does not have to tell he is rich. That's why we don't tell.
But we do share our blessings. Amongst ourselves, of course.

Origins of the Miletić surname

"Miletić (Serbian Cyrillic: Милетић; plural: Miletići, Милетићи) is a Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian surname, and is one of the common surnames in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. It derives from personal name Mileta (Милета), cognate of the English name Milius[citation needed]. The suffix ić is a diminutive designation, or descendant designation. Thus the last name can be translated as Mileta's son.
"There are several families in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia who carry this last name. The most numerous and the most prominent of the Miletići are found in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in Croatia." (Source: Wikipedia.)

Mladen Miletić

Younger son of Damir Miletić

Profession: structural engineer

Life motto: It's no longer enough to just use Linux, now it's also important which one you use

Life purpose: President, Prime minister and Minister of construction and urban development in the Zametian Union

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Damir Miletić

Father Miletić

Father of the Miletić family

Profession: carpenter

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Vedran Miletić

Older son of Damir Miletić

Profession: computer scientist

Life motto: Pokemon is so unrealistic because Pikachu has beaten Raichu there

Life purpose: Minister of foreign affairs in the Zametian Union

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Đurđica Kovačić ex. Miletić ex. Kovačić

Mother of the Miletić family

Profession: tourist guide

Leon Fuček-Desanti

Son of Mladen Miletić

Profession: kindergarten teacher, psychotherapist, dancer, cartoon animator, visual artist, historian

Life purpose: Minister of administration and Minister of agriculture in the Zametian Union

Maj Martinčić

Mother of Leon Fuček-Desanti

Profession: art historian, Linux system administrator, cartoon animator, StarCraft player

Life purpose: Minister of education and sports in the Zametian Union

Lepi Mačak

Jako Lepi Mačak

Cat of the Miletić family

Profession: purrer

Portfolio: purr 1, purr 2, long purr and meow, and purr video

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Marcello Miletić

Marcello's family website used to be on the miletic.net domain, but has since moved to a .eu domain miletic.eu.

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Marijan Miletić

Before Marcello, an amateur radio operator named Marijan Miletić S56A/N1YU had a homepage on this domain. Today his homepage is on bit.si.

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